5 way to catching ghosts

Ghostly Vision

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In this new article, I will teach you to see the invisible, to reach parallel worlds, where light and material make one.

The photos presented were taken between Paris, Tokyo and Malé.

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Walking in the streets of a metropolis / big city, you see people who leave their souls, offering them the freedom to wander wherever they want.

How to catch their ghost ? here is a pretty special technique to mix the ghosts on your photos and see their real faces.

Where to go ?

Go to a busy place, preferably in the evening, or a place indoors, where people come out, then walk with your camera around your neck.

Find the places where the surrounding light is interesting, you can look for lampposts, neon lights, lights on the ground, if you can create strong contrasts the result will be very pleasant.
When I say strong contrasts is that there is a difference between the lighted areas and the dark areas, the more the difference is felt, the more the contrast will be strong.



The settings :

Use low speed on your camera, take photos while walking, focus as you feel without looking in your viewfinder.

You can take a lot of photos, point your camera in all directions, it will create uncertain composition.

Then you will see a new world open to you.


I say ghost ?

Stop yourself at a junction, shoot groups of people, or people running to their party. This will make people misshapen and create a general shake on your photo.

Do not think too much :

Just as in my previous article, do not puzzle too much, let your instinct and your emotions speak, press the trigger button without restrictions.

We all have a different style, but let your body speaking when you take pictures will give you something new.


Ghost boats :

The boats also decided to sell their souls to my camera, the rule is the same, make sure that it is well enough lighted to have a nice movement.

It will be much better to take these pictures at night, it will give you a nice background, and your subject may well detach.

Thank you for reading this new article, I hope you discovered new aspects of photography, far from common clichés.

Here pictures on the theme with more precise explanation :

This one in Paris airport through a dirty glass, which gives an interesting blur to the photo.

Taken in Male, I saw people get out of a boat, I started at low speed and with very high ISO, then shot fifteen photos in a row.

Near a junction on a wall, still in low speed - high ISO I waited for people to pass.

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