7 tips about composition in photography

Composition in photography

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Dear reader, I hope you recently have done beautiful photos, in this article I would like to confide to you one thing that I like most in the photographic art, the composition.
It is important to offer a good reading to your photos and your series, it applies to all types of photos, look around you and imagine a story between people, purpose, colors.

I would like to tell you that it's easy to compose an image, do you have to follow rules ? or doing has your pleases?
Actually I'm doing a lot of pictures, I limit myself to the maximum about the material, and my creativity has increased tenfold.
The fact for example to play with a single lens, will create a consistency in the history of your photos.

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For the intro photo I propose a Sakura flower, the season has just ended, and inspired me this article.

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Manage his frame and his space :

The first thing I think about the composition is that you have to breathe your pictures. It's nice to have enough spaces at the top and on the side of your images. Once the eye in the viewfinder look if everything is harmonious, that curves and lines are beautiful.

Train yourself :

A good exercise is to make portraits on a black background, by doing this you will realize that it is important that our mind can imagine what is happening around a photo, and absorb your reader.


The elements around you :

If your environment is complex, take the time to think about what you want in your photo, but especially what will come to disturb it.
For example, I think of a lamppost or a tree in the frame, try to use it as lines of force or curves to draw your image.


Each of us, has his own way to place his subject on images, this is what will give you an identity as a photographer, but also to your series of photos.

In the street, many topics open to you, I like to analyze what is happening around me. Once my place and subject determined, I look if it is better to include passers (a car, a bike) or not, fixed or moving and I remain attentive to the colors available to me.


The shapes : 

The shapes will help you open or close your image. A window or door will tend to close it, but they can create a frame in the frame, giving a strong visual impact.

You can center your subject, which will give a sense of unity. Or put it on one side, and with its positioning you will give a direction to your image and make it breathe.

Depending on your environment you will choose whether it is better to shoot your subject closely, from afar, if you are going to decenter it. This decision is decisive on the impact that your photo will have.


Patterns : 

If there are several shapes placed next to each other, this will create a repetitive patterns and it works very well visually with posters, seeds in a bag, petals on the ground, a crowd seen from above.

Tell Stories : 

A composition may consist of several images. For example a compo of 3 images.
It is important to play on the colorimetry and shapes, the middle one is the center of your story it must represent a certain unity and stability, and those around it will strengthen it by playing on different aspects, such as color, movement.

I invite you to print your photos, test combinations and create stories, I assure you it's very pleasant. You will then create a new relationship with your photos, give them importance. When organizing your images on your website, think about whether they are going well together, if there are any that communicate ? 

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