5 Tips to take photos during your holidays

Make beautiful photos during your holidays

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Holidays are coming soon and you want to make sure to take beautiful photos ? Let's take a look at how to get your family, friends, and colleagues into action !

- Photography stuff
- Raw or Jpeg ?
- Semi-automatique and manual modes
- Frames and composition

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What's in my bag ?

It is always difficult to know what photography stuff when going on vacation.
While watching on forums, some people wonder if they should take their 70-200mm which is not far from 1.5kg, shouldI take this heavy thing ?
I noticed a lot of tourists with big zooms, flash, professional camera besides not being discreet, it weighs very heavy.
I think it is better to leave with the minimum possible, an automatic compact camera is good enough, an hybrid is the best! because small, light and powerful.

There is a pretty funny option, it is to take a small film camera, you will be limited on the number of shots, and it will not be necessary to think too much about the settings :)

Having the minimum possible with you will really lighten the weight of your bag, and it will be very nice for you to take pictures.
To leave with a simple lense 35mm or 50mm will be enough, in addition to being light, it will offer you a very pleasant angle.

You can take a tripod, which will be useful at night getaways, prefer a small and light weight, unless you go to places with a lot of wind of course.

Raw or Jpeg ?

100% Jpeg, especially if you have the easy trigger, it would be a shame to end up very quickly with tons of Giga of photos.
The advantages of Jpeg is that in addition to saving space, the photos will be pre-edited by your camera, and you will rarely print the photos.
If you really want to do Raw, take a laptop, and process the photos day by day, export to Jpeg then delete Raw.
I invite you to look in your settings if you have chosen the best quality Jpeg, it would be a shame to end up with photos that have a small size.

Setting up camera

I invite you to take a look at the article about the street photo that applies to holiday photos.

To make beautiful photos, you must have :

A beautiful light :
Which means neither too low nor too strong. The morning and the end of the afternoon are ideal, there will be beautiful lights that will land on buildings, people, there will be beautiful reflections on the water.

The settings : 
Several choices open to you between Automatic or Manual, when you use a semi-automatic mode (Priority Aperture, Speed, ISO) once the value chosen, you will notice that the other values ​​are defined by the camera, keep in mind that once the speed above 1/100th you are good :)

The Aperture Priority mode will be very useful because in case of low light you just have to put a small value between f / 4 - f / 5.6, then if there is a lot of light you can go up until the speed is around 1/100th to keep a sharp photo.

Same thing with the P mode (ISO automatic), in low light increase the ISO if you are in the day, be careful not to increase too much the ISO, because you may have too much noise on your photos. In high light put the minimum possible.

Composition and framing

When you discover new places, everything seems so different, architecture, people, food, colors. Why not take advantage of all this to innovate with beautiful composition ?
All these elements will create a reading in your image, there must be a starting point, one or more directions, then an end point. You can, using multiple images create a different reading.

Tell yourself everything is a question of dosage between the full and hollow areas, take the two pictures below for example :

The photo is composed into 3 parts: the sky, the city, the water. The sky is not very present, because uninteresting with its strong light, the city and the wooded part will bring strength and balance to the composition, then the water will give the color, the reflections of the sky and the dotted boats.

If there had been more boat at the bottom of the image I would have surely framed lower and then offer a new reading. And on the contrary, if the sky was more interesting with beautiful clouds, and less boats I could have framed above. It's all about dosing.


A kind of frame in the frame, that is to say that something is placed around your photo, here are the rocks and the sea. Here the rocks take a lot of space, but the sky comes to breathe the photo, and we find the blue of the sea that will come to make a reminder.


Taking pictures of people will bring life to your series, their position is important, it will show the direction where the reader will place his gaze. Here for example the look of the young lady takes you to the right of the image, which is why I did not fit too much on the right. Think about the people behind your subject should avoid cutting their heads :)



Use strengths lines and perspectives to accompany the look and make photos more straight.

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