5 Methods to make your photos creative

5 Methods to make your photos creative
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Once your photos are taken and retouched, it is possible to bring to them a new life, it can be numerically or physically, some people find some pretty crazy ideas!

I'm going to talk about some of the methods with a scanner, which is to print your photos, physically modify them, then scan them, that will give some of your images some character.

I heard that the famous photographer Sarah Moon used to let loose film in her bag, so the photos suffer from key scratches, fingerprints or even things stick to it.

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- Crop photos at 100%
- Mix them together
- Tea
- The painting
- Cutting

Crop your photos at 100%

Sometimes your photos are not super interesting basically, but there may be some interesting part to exploit, for example on a portrait you can love an eye, a mouth, a hand, the goal is to isolate this part to make a new image.

So with your favorite editing software you can give a strong emotion very simply. The method is to zoom to 100% on your image, and to crop the zone which you like.

It is possible later to add a color filter, noise, areas of blur to give it a unique side.

Mix them together

In a first time, print your photos (a small size is enough) and a scanner, put the photos on the ground and see which photos communicate together.

Once two or three photos are found, you can make a physical change, such as scratching, adding paint, the goal is to link them.
On the scanner glass you can put a plastic paper, gelatin or other to add a texture, then put your photos on your support. Now you can scan and see the result!

Dip them in tea

Prepare a container with tea and water, then dip your photos (preferably black and white photos) in for hours or days, and the photos will take the color’s tea! All you have to do now is dry them.

I advise you later to scan the photos because they will be curled, then print them again if you want to make new changes.

Dip them in paint

Just like with tea, put paint in water, mix well, then place the photos at the bottom.

After a few hours the pigments of the paint will fall back on the photos. Take out the pictures and dry them. Once dry you will see that the paint will be deposited on the photos and they will have a scintillating side, it is possible to move your finger to some place of the photo to remove the pigments.



If you feel the soul of a sadist, you can cut out your dear photos, and paste some pieces on other photos. It also works with pictures of a book or a magazine, if there is an element or an interesting background you can very well use it for creations.


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