Creative Shoot "Rukana" from A to Z

Creative Photo Shoot "Rukana" from A to Z

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Here is a new article about one of my last photo shoot, the goal was to create a parallel universe between wise Rukana and crazy Rukana. On an previous article I talked about creations and I wanted to experience a series with a model, so here I will talk about my creative approach rather than light and material.

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- Preparation and moodboard
- The photo shoot
- Printing and post production

Preparation and moodboard

As I say in the intro, I wanted above all to focus this shoot on the creation, I had in mind to take pictures with several types of lights, framing, and using photos took in a temple to mix all that and create stories.

In the first part of the photo shoot I thought we could have a makeup and a simple hairstyle for the wise side, and a style of photo that should be rather sweet.
Then in the second part, radically change all that for something more crazy.

I bought a dark blue curtain that cost me about fifty dollars to have a dark background on some photos and plastic film for post production.

The photo shoot

Rukana is a beginner model, so at the beginning it was not very simple to coach her, if it happens to you, we have to show that we have full confidence in what we did, and reward the model by showing her the beautiful pictures on the screen of the device.

We occupied 3 parts of a room to do the whole session, to be connected between the two styles of photos, we used twice the same places.

First, we used a sliding door, with the curtain at the back for the background, and the light (rectangular light box with honeycomb grid) was placed on the right of the model I immediately imagined place in post prod another photo on the left.

This same door, once closed, served to make photos in the foot, using a mirror as an accessory.

Then I asked Rukana to sit on a stool, and with the same light box I made portraits in low key. The strobe was placed on the back side of the model to cut off its silhouette.

Finally, my little wardrobe was very useful for portraits in height, the curtain served to cover it, and the model could use it to wrap itself in it. Here I opted for a shade dish to have a light that illuminates the entire scene.

Printing and post production

After the session, I selected my photos on Lightroom and went to print a few in small size for the creations.

Once the photos were spread out, we had to find which ones would be good together. The simplest is to imagine a story, once found compositions, it remains only to assemble the photos.

For this series of images I wanted to bring material. There are many ways to play on the texture, it can be real materials such as painting, plastic, flat/slim items found around you or in the nature (it must be able to fit in the scanner without damaging it).
The texture can also be found in subjects photographed, in my series there is the skin of the model, the make up and in photos taken in the nature.

By cutting the photos, it’s possible to assemble them later. It's hard to predict in advance what this will give, but for example portraits with breaks lines or strong contrasts, a solid background, will very well lend itself to the game because it will be easy to cut. The photo that will replace the background will be highlighted.

To go further, imagine that you want to make an exhibition, you will have to choose several photos that goes well together to tell a story.
This can go through the movement, for example, little blurred photos around, then a stationary fixed / fixed that will catch the eye.
Or with the colors around the warm hues and in the center a cool hue.

It is certain that published on Instagram they can be meaningless, but printed and well presented it changes everything :)

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