Taking pictures under the rain

Taking pictures under the rain

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With my friend stylist Masan, and our model Asaka, we planned a session for a few weeks, but ... The weather decided to act his own way, at first it was raining a few drops, but gradually we’ve got a strong rain.

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- Equipment
- Poses and places
- Post production


As well tell you right away, I quickly forgot the idea of ​​taking my strobes or a flash. So I left with 3 cameras and 1 umbrella (to protect me :D) :
1 Fujifilm XT-1 + 50mm
1 old Ricoh compact digital
1 very old Olympus compact films

The poses and places

At first it rained just a little, and I wasn’t inspired by the scenery, so sometimes better to ignore the background and create one with the sky, if there are clouds, as in my case, you will have a beautiful light, so try to turn the model's face towards the sun and its horn on the other side to create an S. The body of the model will have contrast, because the face will be illuminated and the body in the shadow.

Once the rain really started to fall on us, we took refuge in a small forest, hoping to meet Totoro!
Thanks to a lamppost I could have a little light and between the foliage, a beautiful light behind Asaka.


The rain has the characteristic to reflect the light and create special atmospheres, you must absolutely take this into consideration and put it to your advantage in your photos, there are no better moment than to take pictures in the rain .

The settings :
I admit that I pushed my camera in these limits, I was between f1.4 - 2.8, 1 / 60, 3200 ISO and more.

In this kind of conditions it's important to focus several things, regularly check that your images are sharp and clear (unless a blur is wanted) and that the poses are beautiful and well fit in the frame.

There are several ways to know if poses and the environment fits well. We must already anticipate, because of the rain, I wanted slender, weird and masculine poses, so I always had to pay attention to that despite the rain and make Asaka create a beautiful shape in the sets.

I don’t know about you, but I love close up. There, Asaka had a lot of water in her hair and with the little light around, it seemed obvious to me to make one. Avoid thinking that you are going to crop the photo in post-production, when you feel that a tight portrait is feasible, get closer of your model a maximum and focus on the mouth, the eyes or the hand (if there is one close of the face). If you focus on the nose or the cheek it will not be so beautiful.

From there, we decided to finish the session. But on the way back the night was almost there and the light reflected on the river was beautiful. So we made one last. On this kind of photos it’s very important to play with contrast, we must be careful that the elements of the bottom and the silhouette of the model do not mix to dissociate well. I invite you to put your camera a little height or contrary in bottom view to have the sky as background.

If you lie on the ground when taking photos of a model, will lengthen its legs because you will have to slightly tilt the camera upwards.

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