3 Great principles for "expressing your creativity by photograph

3 Great principles for "expressing your creativity by photographing"

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Welcome dear hunters, do you ever have ... you know, that thrill when you trigger your camera ? When the scene in front of you looks perfect, you take the camera out of the bag and there ! there is a strong emotion coming inside of you.

Is it possible to create this emotion every time we take pictures ? Probably, but how ? and will people who are going to watch your picture feel that emotion ? We will try to answer these questions today.

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Go out frequently

As you know, I always go out with a camera in case something exceptional happens in front of me. Where we live, there is always something that we love to see : people in the street, architecture, a sunset, the sea, a forest, so much that attracts our attention and we are stopped for a second.

I think that when a photographer stops on something, it means that there is a picture to take and the photographer should take a benefit of it, then do not deprive a certain public who may be your Insta or Facebook followers, your friends or your family.
It's a first step towards emotion, you've seen something and you want to share it, but that’s not all. The photo is an alchemy between the photographer, his camera and his subject, the more you practice the photo, the more you go out, the more you increase your chances of having beautiful things in front of you.

The alchemy

The photographer has a certain sensitivity of his own, it’s up to him to discover his style and his way, if he likes still life photos, he must work on it to find the good framing , who give strength to these photos and find the lights that match to it. This is what gives an identity to a photographer and gradually this strength can be manipulated to make emotions.
When you find a frame that you like, I recommend you to do it and do it again until you master it, so when you and your audience will see your photos, they will have a sense of satisfaction and mastery of the photographer.

The camera is an extension of the photographer, he must get to know it, know these forces. An expensive camera will not make better photos, but it will offer a high resolution and so the photos will have beautiful colors and details will be visible.
While a small compact may have a poor quality, but the photographer can play to make it as if the viewer was in another world.
For example a photojournalist will need a fast camera with a good quality to transcribe reality, when you watch news on TV or photos in a magazine it’s clearly more enjoyable to watch a clear picture.
But we can imagine this same photojournalist with a small camera in his pocket, and use it to create other emotions, with a little bland colors, strong contrasts and optical distortion, these photos will be there intended for another audience but will not be worse.

The subject is the third component of a strong photo in emotion. It’s important to highlight and give it a personal touch, for that the photographer will have to appeal to his creativity with a successful framing, a beautiful light and ensure that it fits well in its environment.
A portrait in the street will be good when we see partially or totally the face, and what will surround it will accompany the look and highlight the person photographed. If the face is hidden, the reader will have a feeling of lack of risk-taking, which is why it’s important to wait for the right moment to take the picture.
The right moment can also be about waiting until the light falls a little more and have the sky with a different color, wait for a person to go to a place to complete the picture.

Find your way

I would like to tell you now how to improve as a photographer, how to make the viewer understand your photos. For this there are several ways to proceed, you can ask experienced people what they think of your work, it will not always be pleasant but it’s one of the best ways to evolve because you can have a real feedback with a critical eye, and so improve ! You can meet these people on photo forums, ask friends who have a good photography level, or ask a pro.

Another way to improve and ask yourself some questions : what’s my identity as a photographer ? take your favorite photos, look at what is the red thread and see what comes out of it, what are the ingredients that make your photos unique?
For some this may be portraits of people laughing in the street ! Others will like to take scenes of life in the street. The equipment you use and you have chosen will be a part of you, it goes through your camera, but also your flash, strobes, the modifier, choose what corresponds to what you want to do.

Once you've done all that, you've seen what you need from a technical point of view and you've seen what your identity is, you'll make sense of your photos, and therefore create emotions ! 

Thank you for reading this article and think about leaving a comment ! I would like to know what you think about it and have your opinion on creativity in photography, what are your methods ? I invite you to share this in the comments, on that way everyone can learn and give advices :)