Private lessons of photography in Tokyo

Private lessons of photography in Tokyo

If you want to have private lessons to learn photography in details, here is a plan with different levels, each level represent 3 hours in a day, of course a model is coming on each lesson. 

You can send me an email @ to subscribe the private lessons.

Lvl 1 Learn the Basics - 15.000y
The first level will be the basics of photography, how to control your camera and environment, then bring the best of them. You will also learn how to talk to your model and make her understand what kind of photos you are waiting for.

- learn the setting of your camera
- deal with the day light and a reflector
- understand the depth of field
- talk and manage your model

Lvl 2 Night pictures - 15.000y
During the night
everything is different, you will learn how to bring the best of your camera in difficult situation, and how to manage your environment with some backlight and different colors.

- night photos, deal with ambient lights
- understand the shutter speed and ISO
- take control of your environment
- how to make a great framing

Lvl 3 Advanced - 15.000y
On this level, you will understand how artificial light works and find your style of photography.

- learn how to using flash
- your model in movement
- master your framing
- manage your model like a pro

Retouch Lvl1 Edit your photos with Lightroom - 15.000y
Retouching your photos is very important to bring the best of your photos, export it with a good quality for the print and the web and also how to create presets.

- enhance your photos with Lightroom
- basic retouches : colors/light/details/contrasts
- create useful presets

Retouch Lvl2 Retouch with Photoshop - 10.000y

You know how to retouch with Lightroom but Photoshop is useful to go on the details of your photos and retouch the skin with special tricks. 

Lvl 4 Advanced
About this one, we will create a story - ask for a makeup artist and a style. The price will depends on what do we need.

- enhance your photos with Photoshop
- skin retouches with dodge&burn
- using the level for the contrast

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