Dear photographers - I teach photography in Tokyo !

Click here for the Meetup :)

This group has been created for the people who wants to improve their skills in portrait photography. We will do photoshoots in the streets of Tokyo, in studio or in countryside of Japan !

Each lesson cost 3000 yen and during 3 hours, I'll do different themes and ask different models.

How the lessons are organized in one month :
- on Wednesday photoshoot Outside : natural light, night in the city, fashion, movement
- on Saturday photoshoot in Studio : high/low key, fashion, agency test, nude/lingerie

- the first Wednesday every month is free !
- the last Sunday is to learn how to edit and retouch your photos


You can have a look into the photo albums and see what kind of photos I can teach you :) let me know in the chat what do you want to do !

I am a fashion photographer from Paris and I want to teach you how to bring the best of your photographer senses, with the light, the model's management and your equipment.


Points you will learn during the lessons 
- do a briefing
- manage the model
- using strobes and flash (in studio)
- using ambient light (outside)
- camera setting
- framing
- the environment (outside)


I am going to have a Youtube channel to teach photography, so sometimes a cameraman will shoot video and you can see them on Youtube :)

Please leave a comment to participate and know about the details :)