Dear photographers - I teach photography in Tokyo !

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Presentation Video By Emil Truszkowski

This group has been created for the people who wants to improve their skills in portrait photography.The photoshoots are taking place in the streets of Tokyo, in studio and countryside of Japan !

Each lesson is during 2 hours in traditional and modern locationsCost : 3000Y 
I create different themes during day or night, and of course I ask a beautiful model to join us.

You can have a look to the photo bellow and see what kind of pictures you may do during my Meetup, let me know in the comment section or by email @ if you want to participate.

Points you may learn during the lessons :
- how to manage your model
- using strobes and flash (in studio)
- understand ambient light (outside)
- learn the settings of your camera
- make beautiful framing
- bring the best of your environment

About me :

I am a professional photographer from Paris and I want to teach you how to bring the best of your photographer senses, with the light, the model's management and your equipment.

Please leave a comment to participate and know about the details :)